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02/23/2009    Last Updated



We are replacing the $Million $Dollar $Club with the eBook Publishing Business.




Because we are launching a whole new site dedicated to the eBook Publishing business by providing FREE content you can read without a membership!!


Each Article is FREE to view, opens in a whole new window, is easy to print, and most articles are FREE for use as long as you include the copyright and the resource box, and those remain un-altered and present with the article at all times!



Whether you are new to the web and just starting out researching the business or you happen to be a seasoned veteran of the business, we have a site dedicated to the entire business to help you succeed and surpass the average eBook Publisher. From eBooks to eCourses, to design and advertising, and from articles to website information; we have the building blocks for eBooks & Writing!


Hello and Welcome to the Greatest Source for Stay-at-Home Individuals, Net Entrepreneurs, Home Business Minded People, and those wishing to start their own simple eBook Publishing business!

This is THE place for those wanting to get into the business, learning the trade, or even creating their own publishing dream. This is THE place that will get you started!


Learn from every page! Get a FREE simple eBook, FREE simple template, or purchase additional inexpensive materials from which you can use to help you create, improve, or sell your publishing experience!



Did you ever search for a website that had simple articles but GREAT resources for becoming your own publishing house?


This is THE place to start, with THE correct resources to point you in the most POSITIVE direction in online publishing!


For those just starting out or even contemplating the idea of starting your own publishing house, please begin in our section entitled "Begin". There you will find out the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How to START the process of becoming your own publishing house or becoming published!

Then feel free to click on the resources, information, articles, eBook pages, and continue learning more about the publishing business, what you may need, what it may cost you, and the ins & outs of becoming a publisher or getting published!